Water treatment system

The plant design is developed according to the analysis of the layout data. The amount of wash water, solids content and components are determined.
Generally a pre-separation of the solids (0.2 – 32 mm) by using our FLOTMAT system is highly recommended.

This ensures that only fines or colour pigments are transported into the water treatment system. In the AQUACLEAN system silo the grey water is clarified and fine solids are separated from the water with the use of a floculent. The resulting clear water can be returned to production.

The settled slurry can be discharged from the silo and pumped directly into our ECOPRESS filter system.

Aquaclean capacity range: 20 - 100 m3/h
Tank capacity range: 20 - 150 m3

Ph neutralization system with efficient dosing.

Floculent dosing system with three step process.

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