Filter press for cleaning the grey water from all fine particles

This filter press can take out all fine particles from the concrete grey water, but also the fines from sawing, grinding and polishing.
The ECOPRESS works fully automatic with a short cycle time, therefore allowing for smaller units to achieve high output. Different sizes of filter plates (470, 630, 800 mm) and the number of filter plates from 6 to 40 plates allow for a custom layout. The filter cake is very dry due to a unique filter cloth design, which fits extremely tight, allowing for higher pressures. This reduces the weight of the waste material and therefore the cost for transport and removal.

The ECOPRESS can be mounted in a 20’ container in various features, like heating, doors, isolation, etc. For small quantities of grey water the ECON dewatering container is recommended.

Type Filter plates with
ECOPRESS 470 470 x 470 mm
ECOPRESS 630 630 x 630 mm
ECOPRESS 800 800 x 800 mm
* Number of plates: from 6 to 40, standard is 6 to 22

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